Surprising marketing

Sometimes it can be necessary to break the rules, in order to be remembered. For example in the irreverent advertising campaigns, which cause so much debate, or in viral videos, which generate millions of views around the social networks.

In order to draw the attention of a specific target and generate quality leads, we can choose another way.

In technical words we call it direct marketing. In practical words we say surprise.

The idea was born by reading Malala Yousafzai's book, that makes us think about how changing is an irreplaceable value, that brings us to reach our goals and drives us to improve and look ahead. This is true both for life and for business.

In such a moment, sending a gift with this message is an action of very strong effect.

This is what we created for a customer: an elegant box, Malala's book inside and a lecter, with an invitation to an exclusive evening at cinema.

The surprise effect is assured and also lead generation.


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